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As always, Nashville Rose Festival will feature free Topo Chico Sparling Water, and Flow Alkaline Spring Water.

We will also have plenty of local shops and vendors with wares for sale, from clothes to candles and everything in between. 

If you’ve had too much to eat and drink, don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to dance it off. Provided by Snyder Entertainment, let one of Nashville’s best DJs set the mood, and get ready to rave!


Brad Ford – Snyder Entertainment

 As a founding member of the rock band Bleach, Brad brings a ton of experience to the table for your event. He has been a resident of Nashville since 1996 and spent a decade in the music business as an Entertainer, Artist, Songwriter, A&R Rep, Music Publisher and Law Student. He co-wrote several charting songs including the number 1 song Super Good Feeling. He was nominated for Dove Awards including a win for Modern Rock Song of the Year in 1997.  He’s a true collector of music and has playlists that span all the way back to the 1920’s. As the owner of Future Boy Creative and Snyder Entertainment, Brad has DJ’d high profile events such as Kane Brown’s Wedding, Chef Sam Mason’s Wedding, Jason Aldean’s Baby Shower, Country Singer Tyler Farr’s Wedding and he has performed at Bridgestone Arena opening for the Steven Tyler Band. Brad is a true professional and will bring a wealth of experience that is hard to match in the Nashville area.


Connie’s Creations

 Custom screen printing and emroidery


Yuyo Botanicals

Yuyo Botanics is a company created by women to get organic, Tennessee grown hemp into your hands and connect you to education. Our founders understand there is a need for transparency with this product, cannabinoid education and growing practices and as hemp farmers themselves they oversee the entire process from seed to formulation to product. Yuyo Botanics’ hemp oils and salves are 100% made in Tennessee and have been 3rd party batch tested for purity, quality and cannabinoid content, both post harvest and after formulation. Our products are held to the highest standards and are grown with both organic and biodynamic practices, focusing on the soil health to ensure the plants get the best of what they need. 


Tipsy Hippy

The Tipsy Hippy is an online curation of one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets with a boho-chic twist 

|| Made with L O V E in Nashville, TN ||


Erin Body Care

ERIN BODY CARE is one of the few body and skin care producers in the market that is completely free of synthetic additives, derivatives, alcohols, and petroleum byproducts.  Our ingredients are food-grade, because we believe that you should treat your body as well outside as you treat it inside.  Our potent formulations are carefully and holistically sourced and crafted.  We use organic golden jojoba oil, organic Moroccan argan oil, organic cocoa butter, fair-trade African shea butter, locally sourced honey and beeswax, avocado oil and organic sweet almond oil, organic essential oils, and many other of nature’s restorative offerings.  Our Ingredients page goes into great detail about our curated collection of ingredients.  Our products are hand-crafted in small batches with the noblest intent, so that you can confidently indulge in the luxury they afford while knowing that they are safe enough for the skin of an infant.  We believe nature has the power to restore and rejuvenate, so we’ve harmonized those natural gifts into formulas that you will always want to cherish and never want to do without.  Some of our formulas can ease fatigue and soothe muscle soreness; others include antioxidants that can repair the cellular damage coming with age.  Each formula in our line combines a variety of purposeful elements resulting in blends with subtle fragrances that are barely traceable after use, but delight the senses without lingering around you all day or night.  Once you try the ERIN BODY CARE line, you will want to use our products frequently and liberally to feel beautiful inside and out!


Tiffs Treats


Today, Tiff’s Treats is famous for bringing hot, fresh-from-the-oven cookies and brownies to hungry treat lovers everywhere, but it all started with $20, a cell phone, and a dream.


Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese


We have been on this land in the hills of Barren County, KY since 1976 and have been making cheese with our own cows milk since 1998. We invite you to take a look around, see what we are all about, check out our online shop, and perhaps plan your next visit to our farm. We want to know about you too, so come and see us!


Hattie Jane’s Creamery

Featuring creative flavors, using seasonal and local ingredients— including Muletown Roasted Coffee and Hatcher Family Dairy milk— Hattie Jane’s Creamery is an artisan ice cream shop with two locations: Downtown Columbia and Downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We make our ice cream, waffle cones, baked treats and many toppings from scratch in-house, and take home pints are always available.

Both locations serve up a full array of coffee to compliment your ice cream. Affogato, anyone—or how about Hattie’s Unicorn Hot Chocolate?

In Columbia our unique Swirl Freeze® machine allows you to truly create your own blended flavor. With over 100,000 combinations, the possibilities are practically endless and your tastebuds will never get bored!


Paint Nail Bar

What makes PAINT Nail Bar different than every other nail salon in your town? PAINT prides itself on the utmost sanitization and quality standards. Our salon is a fume free environment because we use non-toxic products. Our polish lines are all 5-free & up, meaning they’re free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor; chemicals all found in many of the brands you are familiar with seeing at your salon. The gel polish line “Bio Seaweed” we use is water-based, 5-free and vegan and cruelty free. It doesn’t damage the natural nail, no matter how often you wear it. We also are a “no drill” zone. There is a reason your salon more than likely has a sign up that states “may refuse drill.” That’s because they damage your nails, leaving them frail and brittle. It can take months if not years to rebuild your healthy nails after the use of drills, which is why we don’t offer “dip” manicures. Not only is repeatedly dipping customers nails in the powder unsanitary, the use of the drill (even a little) on the natural nail is hard to recover from. Ultimately, if your gel polish isn’t staying on well, it’s the applicator, not the product. Our nail technicians are top of the line and trained with the most impeccable techniques and skill sets. Not to mention, super friendly!
Know you’re in safe (and clean) hands when relaxing and treating yourself at PAINT Nail Bar. So come on in or book an appointment. Free mimosa on us

Woodbee Custom Creations

Bottle stoppers, cork screws, bottle openers, etc.  

Famous for Nothing

Our dream is to provide a platform for individuals seeking to change the narrative and transform their communities through love, truth and open conversation; to uplift, celebrate and raise awareness for all creative, intelligent, unique and diverse humans, fighting for justice, equality and a right to live authentically. Together, we can forge inclusive solutions, and empower those forgotten, under-valued, and misunderstood.

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