Edgar Pendley is the Chef-owner at Urban Grub: Fresh Fish & Fine Aged Meats in Nashville’s popular 12th South neighborhood. He is a Nashville native who grew up ensconced in the restaurant business from all directions. From his family’s experience in the restaurant business and its corresponding construction education, to menu development and operational management,  Pendley has become a prodigal force in the restaurant world on an international scale. In the years following his graduation from Johnson & Whales’ International School of Culinary Arts in Charleston, South Carolina, he spent time opening hotels all over the United States. He has been the executive chef of Urban Grub since its opening in April 2012, and in the past years since, Edgar has continued to bring inspired dishes to the Grub’s menu.

In 2015, Pendley launched a produce stand for the 12th South neighborhood across the street from Urban Grub. The idea would serve both the local community and eventually serve as a supply chain for the restaurant’s produce needs. No other restaurant in Nashville possess this both unique and convenience to support its operation.

Chef Pendley’s execution of the dishes and creativity to take it to the next level has him in the spotlight as a rising chef in the ever-growing Nashville food scene and beyond.